Hello, I'm Vlad Calin Buzea,

Java Developer at msg-systems and
Computer Science student at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Master's Degree).

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About me

This how I like spending my day


I couldn't do it if I didn't have the passion!

Working out

There's nothing more refreshing than a workout, especially after spending an entire day in front of the computer.
Running, weight lifting, swimming and TRX. These are all activities I enjoy.

With her

Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved


All I need is a task, motivation and a deadline

Work Experience

Java Developer

Currently I work as a Java Developer at msg-systems. I started this position in July 2015.

Java Intern

In the summer of 2014 I was part of a Java Enterprise Edition internship at Accesa. This was an eye opening experience, that taught me how to work in a team and apreciate the help of other people. In more technical terms, I learned about Agile Methods in Software Development and how to tackle enterprise applications.

Proficient in:

(Git & SVN)

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Send me an email to vlad@buzea.eu

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